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DevOps – The Four Types of Work – Part 2

So after my initial post, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the processes of DevOps, rather than go directly into the tools used (Docker, Kubernetes, Jira, etc.). I’m doing this mainly because the general view of many people in IT that DevOps is more about the tools used, rather than the actual processes that are needed to achieve success with DevOps.

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DevOps – Much Ado About What? – Part 1

What is DevOps? It’s a common technology term that’s been bouncing around the past decade, and a useful thing to have on one’s resume. But what exactly are people talking about when they mention it? Is it the technology, or is it the business practices?

So what is it actually? Well It’s all of the above.

The basics of DevOps start out as the use of Agile programming methodologies in development, and adapting those methodologies into operations procedures (that is, the creation of servers, updating of servers, and management of business applications & processes). The concept was built from that, with the first DevOps days in Belgium in 2009 where the concept was defined. The Operations in DevOps also follow the ITIL model regarding process handling and definitions.

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Apple and ARM – Part 4

So, based off of my last post, professionals may have a hard time working around the limitations of the new ARM based Macs. But what about your average user and their family, will they notice? The truth in this, is probably not.

Since the release of the M1 and M1Pro we’ve seen good performance and the computers actually being competitive regarding equivalent x86 models. With Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation software, the migration isn’t that painful for average users. Most apps work fine and don’t get a huge slow down. And for browsing, general productivity work, the average user won’t even notice the difference.

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Peeple, the review site you never knew existed, but that you’re on because someone else signed you up for it

So, another day, another App or Startup.

This time it’s Peeple, a service like Yelp, but for reviewing actual people! So, it’s like a site that manages a database of information of different people and their reputations. All comments are NOT anonymous, and if any negative comment violates the rules, it might be removed. All relatively nice and interesting, but there’s a catch. And it’s a big one.



Or, you don’t even have to sign up for it to be on it. And no, the text message is to confirm that your profile has been added to the site, and NOT to ask your permission to BE added.

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Liquidmetal or Liquidmorphium? Thoughts on the Turing Phone

Recently Turing Robotic Industries announced the Turing smart phone, a presumably “unhackable” phone which is made out of a material called “Liquidmorphium”, or an amorphous metal that can easily be formed into what ever shape that’s needed, with minimal waste and with it being stronger than steel.

Sounds familiar right? Liquidmetal makes the same stuff and is currently in an exclusive partnership with Apple for it’s use in consumer electronic devices, such as smart phones (but not watches, as Swatch currently has an exclusivity deal with Liquidmetal for that). While the licensing agreement with Apple remains secret as to what patents are licensed, one can pretty much surmise that it’s ALL of Liquidmetals’ patents up to 2012, including a number of more recent joint patents filed with Apple. Continue reading